How do people get head lice?

Head-to-head contact is the most common way that head lice can spread.  Other ways include sharing grooming tools, clothing, hats, brushes and combs.


What is a nit?

A nit is a louse egg that attaches to the hair shaft. Live nits (eggs) are opaque in colour and are usually found 1,5 cm from the scalp.  Hatched lice will be found further away.


How can I make sure that my child’s hair does not get re-infested after treatment?

If your child has been exposed to another infested individual after a treatment, they can become re-infested with head lice. Re-infestation can also occur if any live nits remain on the hair from the initial treatment, if it was not done correctly. For this reason, it is important to keep inspecting and combing the hair with a Controlice® Lice Comb or Controlice® Lice Buster several times for approximately fourteen days after using Controlice® Oil Spray or Controlice® Head Rinse. Then use the Controlice® Defence Shampoo or Controlice® Defence Spray to protect the whole family against an infestation.*


What is so special about the Controlice® Combs?

Controlice® combs are precision engineered products that can be effective in assisting to detect head lice as well as removing nits during a treatment.  The unique tooth configuration provides a gentle scraping action which dislodges lice and nits without damaging the hair.


How effective are home remedies?

Many alternatives to head lice products are promoted but there is little proof that these methods are effective at killing the lice and nits on the head. Home remedies can be harmful to your scalp and your child.  Many of them are old wives’ tales.

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