For the removal of head lice and their nits*

To combat lice you need to use effective
tools in combination with the Controlice® products like
the Controlice® Lice Comb
OR Lice Buster.

Depending on the length of your child’s hair select your weapon of choice. 

Controlice® Lice Comb

The Controlice® Lice Comb is especially suited for short and/or straight hair. The Controlice® Lice Comb allows for smooth and more efficient removal of nits.* To make it easier to detect lice and their nits, use the handy magnifying glass that comes with the comb. Combing out the lice and nits is a very important part of the treatment process.

  • Especially suited for short hair
  • Easy to hold, durable handle
  • Teeth made of nickel silver
  • Helps prevent re-infestation with regular use between applications
  • Free magnifier for easy detection

Controlice® Lice BusterControlice_Buy_Now

People with longer, curly or very thick hair might prefer the Controlice® Lice Buster comb because it is equipped with much longer teeth. The Controlice® Lice Buster comb is ideal to use when checking for re-infestation between seven and fourteen days after using any of the Controlice® ATTACK range of products. 

  • Especially suited for long and/or curly hair
  • Highly polished precision spaced, stainless steel teeth
  • Permanently sealed handle
  • Smooth handle design
  • Can be used on dry, wet or damp hair
  • Helps prevent re-infestation with regular use between applications
  • Reliable

*For full instructions and more information refer to the package inserts. For a diagnosis or if symptoms persist, consult a medical practitioner. Efficacy of support may vary between users.

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